Second Opinions

When looking for a qualified HVAC contractor to install your air conditioning unit, getting a second opinion is very important. If you were going to buy a house and only got one estimate on the house, how would you know if your paying the best price? Getting an HVAC 2nd opinion is often overlooked. Most people would probably assume that all certified HVAC technicians have the same level of expertise but this is not true. You need to get more than one opinion in order to assess the level of knowledge your company possesses. This person will be responsible for the comfort and safety of your home, so do your homework if you want to save money in the short and long term.


Partner with a Skilled and Experienced Contractor

Professional HVAC contractors will have a NATE certification. NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence, which is a commission that establishes HVAC qualifications. To be legally allowed to perform HVAC installations and repairs in almost all states, companies are required to hire NATE certified technicians. DO NOT hire someone without this certification. Technicians that have the NATE badge on their uniform have demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of products, concepts and techniques related to HVAC installation and repair.



What you should expect from a technician

If your technician doesn’t arrive within the time frame he laid out, find a different one. If he or she arrives late without giving you a notice before, they clearly do not value your time. If they have good reason, its a judgment call for the homeowner, but truly great companies arrive promptly.

If your technician should arrive and be attentive to your concerns. He should not be immediately telling you what is wrong without inspecting the house. Your HVAC tech should be able to answer your questions after having completed the inspection, and be able to give you an estimate.

Let your technician know that you are going to get estimates from other companies after he has given you an estimate. This way, when you compare the estimates to other companies, you will know if he was giving you an honest estimate. If you decide to use their service, you can use lower estimates from competitors as a tool for bargaining.

Remember that mechanical skills that worked yesterday will not be good enough today.

Just like science and computers, the world of yesterdays technology is nowhere even close to being the same as it is today in the field of HVAC. Back in the day, air conditioning systems used single-stage motors and we are well beyond that. They used to take up 6 square feet in your basement, and now they can be as small as 3 feet.

Getting referrals from your friends and families is the number one way business gets spread in the country. Word of mouth marketing is the best way to improve your business. The only way to gain word of mouth business is by providing outstanding service. So, ask your friends and family for recommendations.